Mission Statement

Our Mission is to empower individuals and groups to achieve extraordinary results by teaching a systematic method of organized thinking - utilizing the mnemonic tools and success principles of GOLDDIEOLOGY™ which leads to the development of workable plans of action for resolving problems and achieving strategic goals. We will consistently strive to transform education globally for the benefit of mankind. We will research, innovate, develop and teach GOLDDIEOLOGY™.

Vision Statement

Life Skills Teams will develop teams to reach out to individuals, educational intuitions, organizations, businesses and governments for the purpose of equipping them to develop clear vision and achieve their objectives and goals. We will train trainers that serve with a passion to make a difference and that duplicate themselves. We will develop a community dedicated to the continual innovation of GOLDDIEOLOGY as a cognitive science. Team members will actively promote the growth of the community and the dissemination of GOLDDIEOLOGY.

Our Pledge

"I will do my Best - one thing at a time."

Core Value Statement

Life Skills Teams members shall commit to utilize the SEVEN SIDED GOLDDIE to cultivate their cogitative skills and to diligently practice the principles of GOLDDIEOLOGY. When representing Life Skills Teams they will abide by the highest ethical standards, respect confidentially, foster a courteous environment of open mindedness, respect and mutual trust. Each team member will be accountable to themselves, the organization and our Mission and be personally responsible for their own conduct.

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